Volunteer Testimonials

Our mission is to bring hope to homebound individuals in Greenville County. Hear what our volunteers are saying about Meals on Wheels.

Impacting our community, one life at a time.

John & Daphne Hoffen: Meals on Wheels volunteers since 1987

I suppose one of the more poignant stories goes back about five or six years when we had two delightful old ladies who were sisters on our route--one was 103 and the younger one 98: The Williams sisters.

One day the older one asked for our help because she had a problem with her freezer and wanted to reach something she couldn't get. I went in and to my amazement this freezer must have been made just after the Ark was launched. It was a potential fire and electric shock hazard with insulation hanging out and wires exposed. "This is the new freezer my husband bought for me before he died," she said. If I had to guess [he had passed away] some fifty years ago. I unplugged it and told her not to use it. We then called the office to contact her family of the potential danger of this obsolete machine.

They were two lovely people who bravely held on to their independence. Meals on Wheels provided the only other human face they saw each day. 

Charles Gentry, Volunteer since 2010

About three years ago in response to a request for volunteers up in North Carolina I came home to Greenville and signed up. Over and over clients on the route kept asking me, "What happened to Mr. White?” I ultimately found out Mr. White and his wife had faithfully served route 2033 for some years and at the same time brightened the lives of all they encountered (as they do wherever they are). I am grateful to be able to deliver meals, a smile and conversation to some wonderful and interesting people; each week it is an uplifting experience for me. In delivering meals, as in my every volunteer effort, I am graciously rewarded.

Robbie Demars, Volunteer since 1990

One thing I can say about Meals on Wheels is if you were ever having a down day and you happen to deliver meals, you could count on being uplifted when you came back to work. The clients you went to see and hope to cheer up a little were the very ones that cheered you up. I delivered meals to Ms. Ruth W. on her 100th birthday. She lived to be 105 and answered her door almost to the end. She had no legs, but you would have thought that she didn't know that she didn't have legs. She crawled around in her flower bed and she was blessing you every inch of the way. She was such a blessing that I took her flowers on off days. She was somebody you wanted to be around. I would never have had that privilege without Meals on Wheels. The little stories and blessing are endless. I am thankful for my association with Meals on Wheels.

Bill Morrow, Volunteer since 1998

I am currently in my 15th year of delivering route number 7001 in the Taylors area. This is the same original route that I started and continue to deliver every Friday of the week. Over the years the route grew up to 23 clients and about three years back it was reduced down to a current of 13 clients in order to make the route more efficiently deliverable and provide a little more time to communicate with the clients.

Occasionally I will have three of my granddaughters join me with these visits. The clients enjoy having the little girls visit them and consider them as special "Meals” supporters. Needless to say after the years of visiting with these people they become part of my family and it becomes a special event for me to be able to see them and communicate with them on a weekly basis.