Take the pledge on Saturday, March 28, 2020

At Meals on Wheels, we provide so much more than daily nourishment to our homebound clients. We provide a visit and friendly interaction to individuals who may not otherwise have a chance to speak to anyone that day. Not only are we fighting hunger, we’re fighting loneliness.

Still, many of us don’t understand how disconnected our clients feel. So on Saturday, March 28, we ask you to take the pledge to disconnect from social media to experience just a fraction of the loneliness our homebound clients experience on a daily basis.

Take the pledge.


Why Participate?


Loneliness has a profound effect on the homebound population. In fact, it can have devastating effects on long-term health. To help understand our mission, we wanted people to take a day to better connect with the feeling of loneliness our clients live with every day. But in order to do that, you’ll have to disconnect.

Take the Pledge

One Day. 24 hours.

The task is simple: disconnect from your phone for only 24 hours to feel just a fraction of the loneliness our homebound clients feel every day.

On Saturday, March 28, pledge to go 24 hours without your phone or social media. If you can’t make it, we ask you to donate just $1 for every hour remaining.

Sounds hard. I’d rather just donate.


Disconnect to Connect

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