Orientation & FAQs

Learn more about what it means to be a volunteer for Meals on Wheels of Greenville.

Orientation FAQs

Here’s How It Works


Complete The Online Volunteer Application.

All volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer application and attend volunteer orientation before they volunteer at Meals on Wheels. Fill out our application online to get started!

Complete Application


Attend Our Orientation.

 Virtual Volunteer Orientation is held every Thursday at 9:30 a.m. Orientation lasts about an hour. If this time doesn’t work for you, please email volunteer@mowgvl.org and we can schedule another orientation at a time that better suits your schedule.



Become A Volunteer.

After you attend orientation, our Volunteer Coordinator will help you find a route to deliver. Whether you adopt a regular route or sign up to be a substitute, we’ll find a route that works with your schedule. Before your first delivery, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to make sure you’re ready to go!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average Meals on Wheels route takes between 1-1.5 hours, but the time varies based on route, location and number of stops. When you sign up to deliver, our team is happy to talk to you about your specific route.

The average Meals on Wheels route has between 8-15 stops. However, keep in mind that the number of clients on your route can change as clients are added to or removed from our service.

You can choose to pick up your meals at our office or at one of our seven drop-off locations. All locations and drop-off times are listed here.

Volunteers can pick up meals at our office between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. every weekday. If you pick your meals up at a drop site, there will be a specific time for you to meet our van, listed above.

Absolutely! Families are encouraged to deliver together.

The minimum requirement to deliver the same route is once per month. However, you can deliver as frequently as you want: once per week, bi-weekly, etc.

If you need more flexibility, you can serve as a substitute. We send an email out every week with open routes, so you can respond to a day and route that works for you! You can also call in to substitute as your schedule allows.

Yes, please bring two coolers: one to pack your hot meals and another smaller cooler for frozen meals and milks.

There is no dress code, but we recommend that you wear modest clothing and comfortable shoes.

You do not have to enter the home of a client. All that is required of you is to knock on the door and hand the meal to the client.

When you arrive at a client’s home, please knock on the door or ring the doorbell and give the client plenty of time to answer. It is also helpful to yell out “Meals on Wheels” as you knock. If the client doesn’t answer, try again. Next, please call them using the number provided on the route sheet.  If a client isn’t home or doesn’t answer, please call Meals on Wheels. Our number is listed at the top of your route sheet. We will ask for the client’s name and ID number and will begin following up with the client’s emergency contact to ensure that they are safe.

Please do not leave the meal at the home if the client isn’t there. Instead, give it to the next client on your route with the appropriate diet.

Clients are asked to keep pets confined between 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. However, if a pet is loose and you are uncomfortable delivering that client’s meal, please call Meals on Wheels using the number at the top of your route sheet. We will notify the client that they are not receiving their meal that day due to their pet being out and remind them of this policy.

The only thing required of you as a Meals on Wheels volunteer is to deliver the meal and beverage to the client. If a client asks you to do anything above and beyond this, you do not have to unless you so desire. You can always remind the client that you have more meals to deliver and have to continue on your route, but that you can call Meals on Wheels and let us know they needed help.

If you choose to help the client in additional ways, please just make sure the rest of the individuals on your route receive their meals in a timely manner. Also, please know that the liability for engaging in additional activities will fall on the volunteer and not Meals on Wheels.

If there is an obvious emergency upon arriving at a client’s home, such as a client who has fallen, please call 911. Next, please call Meals on Wheels, using the number listed at the top of your route sheet, so we can connect with the client’s emergency contact.

We certainly understand that schedules change or emergencies happen that prevent you from delivering your regular route. If this happens, please do your best to find someone to cover your route for you. If you are unable to do so, please notify us as early as possible so we can find a substitute to cover your route.

You are our eyes and ears on our 130+ delivery routes, so we welcome your feedback! Please feel free to send us your comments using our volunteer feedback form.

Meals on Wheels does not reimburse volunteers. However, miles driven in service of a charitable organization are deductible at 14 cents per mile.